The Four Agreements Plot

“The next three agreements were really born from the first agreement. The second agreement is not to take anything in person. Doing your best doesn`t mean doing what`s physically possible. This means doing your best what you can handle individually, which can vary depending on the current situation and circumstances. One of the ways to do your best is to repeat the previous three chords in your daily life. If you do this, you can avoid feelings of regret and accept that people are doing their best at every moment. You`ll enjoy the action yourself, instead of just enjoying the rewards of the actions. In the same way, Don Miguel suggests that we should work hard because it makes us happy and not an external motivation. Don Miguel gives an example of salary. If the main motivation in our work is money, we will never do our best. In addition, we will remain stuck in jobs that are well paid, but have no fulfillment and joy. Due to the lack of fulfillment in their work, these people will then spend their weekends partying, drinking, and doing other things that harm their lives.

We have all made a number of “conventions” about how we are going to lead life. We have made agreements with our friends, partners, parents, children, gods and more broadly with society. And of course, the most important agreements are those we have made with ourselves. All these agreements we have made guide our “personality”: they tell us who we are, how we feel, what we believe and how we behave. However, in most cases, all of these agreements have never been consciously chosen. Ruiz says that, like farm animals, we have been “domesticated” since childhood — we have been punished or rewarded based on what we have or have not done, and this has shaped us into who we are today. This book shows us that it is possible to break some of the old “agreements” that no longer serve us, and instead create some brand new agreements that we consciously choose and then maintain day after day. Whatever your own agreements, Ruiz proposes that we talk (based on the wisdom of the Tolèques) about all four of the following agreements. If you like the job or task you do, you`re going to do your best without even trying….