Selection Notice Facility Agreement

Each written notice of revolving loan must, for the most part, be attached in the form of Appendix A-1, and any written communication on the forward interest rate must be attached, essentially, in the form of Appendix A-2. . In the A Term Loan Interest Rate Selection Communication There is (i) the proposed financing date for the Term Loan of Unit A (which is a working day), (ii) the amount of the loan requested and (iii) the type of loan under the requested Tranche A credit facility. If the borrower applies for a loan, conversion or continuation of eurodollar loans in such a reference notice or in such an interest rate communication, but does not set an interest rate period, it is considered to have indicated a one-month interest period. If the borrower does not send a selection communication to the representative of the facility covered in paragraphs (a) and (b), the relevant interest period is three months, subject to points 9.2 (changes in interest periods) and paragraph (f) below. Any notice of selection is irrevocable and must be notified by the borrower to the credit officer by the specified date. Any request for an extension of credit (with the exception of a reference note or a notice of selection of term interest rates requiring only a conversion of credits or renewable segments to the other type or, if applicable, a continuation of eurodollar loans or Eurodollar rate segments) is considered a guarantee and a guarantee that the terms set out in points 4.02 (a) and (b) on the date and date of the extension of the corresponding credit. The borrower can choose an interest period for the loan in a selection notice or a drain application.